About “Shoes”


I really wish scientists could invent a machine whereby if one wears it, a person can know how a person on the other end feels. They should probably invent a shoe where by wearing that shoe, one can find out how the owner of the “shoe” feels.


“Hey Joe, I know we were good friends before, but shit happened and we’re not friends anymore. Tell you what, why don’t I be in your shoes for a while?”


So Joe passes his shoes so that his friend tries it.  And after a few minutes of trying, Joe’s friend realises stuff.


“Damn Joe! I didn’t know you felt this way! No wonder you said and reacted like that! I’m so sorry Joe, I really am. Here, try mine on.”


Joe tries his friend’s shoes. And after a few minutes of being quiet and contemplative, after Joe takes in everything the “shoe” has to say, he replies. “Shit brah! I didn’t know you felt that way! Damn… I’m sorry as well. Friends?”


“Yeah man friends.”


“Wanna go kill some zombies in the cyber café?”


“Sure lets!”


And Joe and his friend are friends again.


Infact, scientists should stop wasting their time, money and energy on space shuttles to Mars. They should invent shoes that people can wear and feel what the owner of the shoe really feels. Maybe build a microchip that records and plays everything the owner feels. You know, introduce those holographic shit perhaps. The world would be a better place. Probably introduce the shoes to the people in Israel and Palestine and the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The world would be much at peace.


Don’t you think so?


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