A Video Game Called Life

Life is like a video game. As you grow, you advance to different levels of Life. And these levels get harder and harder but with the experience and consistency that one develops from the previous levels, these levels will be easy to deal with. And then, there are “walkthroughs and guides” in the form of religious texts. Some are centuries old and some are recent. All of them have one thing in common: to provide tips to deal with this game called Life. It’s up to you to choose which “brand” of walkthrough you prefer as all walkthroughs are equally good and beneficial if one follows it properly. Ofcourse, being a game, one can’t simply just follow everything and everything in the book as just like a video game, Life too has it’s own sets of upgrades (you know how it is with certain patches here and there for games). So probably a method to deal with certain issues in life back then wouldn’t work in this “version” of Life now. This is where the player needs to think on his or her own feet to find a way to beat a particular level in Life. And then, there are those who have finished this game and are around to provide tips on the go for certain players who are willing to ask for help. These “Professionals” come and go and some of the well known ones like Buddha, Jesus, Guru Nanak, Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Krishna have led many players to finish the game called Life by providing “cheat-codes (which has to be earned ethically)”. They too have created “game-manuals and walkthroughs” for Life for gamers to read. Lastly, just like a video game, don’t take Life too seriously. Enjoy this game called Life and play it smartly AND ethically. I’ve managed to clear a few levels and I’m still clearing a level here. Here’s wishing you all the best in clearing yours. Game on fellow Life gamer! šŸ™‚


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