A Remedy of Dramedies

Ever felt, when you’re alone, you do or think about something, and suddenly you can hear people laughing in the background. The laughter reminds you of those sitcoms you watch on TV. That fake laughter that makes you think that whatever the actor just did or said was funny but in reality it was not.

And when you turn your head back to look and you see no one, that’s when you realise that you’re all alone.

Sometimes, when i stand alone in the outlet or mopping the floor in the mornings, i can hear the sitcom audiences laughing at me. They’ll be laughing so hard and i’ll be wondering to myself if they’re laughing at me or with me.

And then, you see these bunch of rich guys and girls walk in to the outlet. They wear branded jeans and t shirts, holding each other’s hands. Then it strikes to my mind. They’re laughing at me.

I believe my life is a drama. A funny drama where the only person who doesn’t laugh is me. And even if i do laugh, it’s because i can’t do anything else but laugh.

Life is hilariously cruel. It’s so cruel that all you can do is just laugh at it. Dramedy of sorts.

I thought i had everything way back in April 2008. A good well paying job (i was earning about RM 2000, not bad for a Diploma holder), a good girl friend, great family, great friends.

And that’s when life throws an atomic bomb on you.

My company was closing down in 3 months and we will all be retrenched.

Fast forward to February 2009, here i was, working as a Sales Consultant (a better word or name for the word “Salesman”), mopping floors in the morning, bullshitting to customers, earning only RM 1400 and that pay is only commission based and was single again.

Sure, it seems good, because after 6 months of hunting for a job, i finally got a job and i shouldn’t be complaining. But i’m really not complaining. I’m just not happy with myself, that’s all.

Working time is 12 hours a day and my only off day is on a Monday.

Sometimes, i get sleepless nights. My body is so tired that i can’t sleep because it aches that much due to all the standings and walkings i do.

I was standing observing people when something struck me. It was time to write a blog about myself again. And i shall call it, “A Remedy of Dramedies”.

This blog is my remedy to all the dramedies that has happened, is happening and will happen in my life. I will write about myself, about my faults, about the shits i do and not only that! I will also write about the shits that other people do as well.

Because it’s my blog. And this is my remedy to all the dramedies.



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