A Quiet Day in a Cafe


It was a quiet day in the cafe, business was slow as usual when a woman about the age of 28 walked in and ordered a Caramel Macchiato. She sat outside, popped in her headphones, lighted her cigarette and smoked while waiting for her order to arrive. She was an attractive woman, with amazing set of eyes, beautiful lips and gorgeous hair that had a life of it’s own. And like all beautiful women, she too had her fair share of rebellious past, uncertain future and the constant trouble with men. She sat, smoking, being in her own world when she spotted a figure walking past the window of the cafe. Old memories came back to life, and the past jogged back into the present and it was as though she was back in time. A time where once, when she was young, this figure.. this man was once deeply in love with her. A time where once, this man would have done anything and everything to see her happy. A time where once, she threw tantrums when he showed that he cared too much. A time where once, she took him for granted. She remembered accusing him of being at fault for the mistakes she committed. She remembered the times when she hated those moments when he called just to check on her. She hated the times when she felt “suffocated” being with him, as she, being young, wanted space and freedom. She enjoyed playing with his feelings, making him feel insecure on purpose. She enjoyed the attention she got, as well as she hated the attention she got. She hated him. She hated him for being too perfect. And so, one day, she called it off. She never knew what happened to him after that. He did try contacting her, but she preferred being cold as she felt he was just being pathetic. She remembers enjoying feeling superior over his predicament. Her friends called her selfish and heartless, but she used to laugh it off. As time passed, she moved on, met a few men and was never really happy. Every men she met, she thought they were perfect. But as reality would have it, they had their own set of flaws, but none were as genuine as him and as each men broke her heart, and after each failed relationship, it reminded her of him even more. She grew to miss this man. And today, when she saw him walk past the cafe, with a toddler in his arms and his wife walking beside him, their arms intertwined together, she saw a long gone possibility, or rather, a long gone opportunity, that she could have been that woman whom he was holding hands with. A possibility where that toddler could have been their’s. 28, she was successful and was still attractive, she lacked men who appreciated who she was. And here was a man, who did, once upon a time. She masked her regret and didn’t show it, as she blew a stream of smoke from her parched lips. As the smoke traveled further away from her, she looked at her reflection in the cafe’s window and saw an attractive woman, who had lost all sense of hope in love. This man, could have been the catalyst for a better life, but it was all too late. Her coffee arrived and she sipped it as she watched him walk away with his toddler and his wife.


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