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A Malaysian Solution

Phew! After two-months of painstakingly sketching and inking at Mamak restaurants while madly puffing away and sipping on countless glasses of Teh O Kurang Manis to keep me energised, I have finally completed ‘A Malaysian Solution’.


This 28-paged artwork is a response to Mahathir’s 188-page long The Malay Dilemma. It also aims in bringing awareness on the importance of Media Freedom especially in Malaysia where we’re currently ranked 147 according to Reporters Without Borders. The artworks also depict a personal vision of my beloved land to which I hope to see come true.

It was initially put for sale for RM10 to fund my trip to Mt. Kailash which was cancelled due to the earthquake. I’ve decided to provide a free download link.


Thank you so much for not only taking the time to read this post but downloading this artwork as well. Much love!

P/S: Here is an easy to follow Youtube tutorial on how to download the file: How to Download Files in Media Fire – Link Provided


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