A Funny Thing

A funny thing happened today just moments ago at the KLIA airport. Funny and sweet at the same time.

It happened at Level 3, the Arrival Hall. There were a bunch of young Chinese guys in pink holding placards that had the alphabets P-E-A-R-L-Y. It was a name of a beautiful Chinese girl. Then in the middle of them all, I think was the dude who was going to propose to her, he had this huge bouquet of flowers in his hands. And the last but not least, I think it was the best man, he held a placard that said “Would you marry me?” which sounded weird because the guy who was proposing should be holding that AND the flowers but since the flowers were heavy and large, the placard was handed over to the best man. However, the wordings should have been slightly altered to, “Would you marry HIM?”.

But all in all, it was a nerve wrecking moment. Deep down in my head, I had things running like, “What if she says no and walks away?”

But then, after an hour waiting, a beautiful Chinese girl, with long straight hair and a cute petite figure emerges from the arrival hall and she stopped on her tracks when her friends raised the placard that said “P-E-A-R-LY”. She smiled and she walked over to her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend then knelt down, said something (more like pleaded actually) in Chinese and gave her the flowers. The best man raised the placard, “Would you marry me?” She said no to the best man but nodded and laughed at her boyfriend.

It was a beautiful moment as both couples hugged although I was slightly disappointed because if this was a Hollywood movie, the whole hall would have burst out cheering and clapping. Or better still, if it was a Bollywood movie, there would have been dance and colors.

But no one clapped or cheered except for her friends.

I had the urge to cheer for them but I stopped myself from doing it.

Love, I realised can never be expressed in words nor in action. Sure you can express it, but to experience it is a different matter altogether. To talk about it is a different plane together.

When everything ended, I asked one of the chics who stood next to me admiring the whole thing. I smiled and then asked, “Would you want your boyfriend to do that?”

She said, “I like it simple. If this happened to me, I would be so embarrassed. I would start to walk extra slowly if I’m on heels”

We both laughed.

I certainly felt glad to witness this scene. I just receieved an email from the superiors earlier in the morning. I have no choice but to refund the money I had lost to the muggers to my company.

There goes my salary. But hey, atleast I still got love 🙂


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