3 More Weeks to Formula 1

“Hi! Can I know Macadee?”

“Maca.. what??”

“Macadee, macadee!”

I look at the Ugandan with a face full of, “What the fuck are you saying??” and I shake my head. “I’m sorry sir, I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“No! No! Macadee! Macadee!” He says loudly this time. And as he says it, he makes the “Eating” movement using his hands.

“Macadee…?” I try to ponder and scrutinize what he’s trying to say. “Owh! You mean Mc D!”

“Yes! Yes! Macadee!”

“Mc D! The one with the clown, red nose, white face, scary looking hair! Yes, yes! Walk straight, turn left. You won’t miss it.”

“Owhh Dank yee! Dank yee!”

The Ugandan rushes towards the direction I showed. I slump back to my seat, back to my reading again.

This is my life, selling Formula 1 tickets at the Formula 1 ticketing booth at the LCCT. Sometimes I’m based at KLIA and sometimes LCCT. I can never make up my mind.

But onething’s for sure, you get to meet loads of interesting people and you get to see loads of pretty girls.

Here’s how Black (a friend of mine, real name Navin) defines and categorizes the chics at both the airports:

KLIA: Sophisticated women. Mostly Latinos and Middle Easterns. Sometimes Europeans. 85% of them are snobbish. Most women here are big sized (because Europeans are bigger than us aren’t they? Those fat bastards..) Blonde, and they talk in their own language if they see the price for the T-shirts are too expensive. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to see Indians. Rich Indians.

LCCT: Skimpily dressed women. Mostly Chinese, Vietnemese, and Malays. Once in a while you see Whites. All of them (well most of them) wear shorts, with spagethi straps. Tramps as Black defines them. You see lots of cleavages here. Quite a good view if you tell me. But once in a while you meet mummies who think they’re still in their teens. With their tight shorts and tank tops with their guts sticking out in between them…

Enough about chics! Another 3 more weeks for Formula 1 and I can’t wait!

Updates! Updates!

Since I was at LCCT this whole week, I’ve met two of my friends (haven’t seen them for ages!). Priya Streetfighter and Meera Maniar. Priya’s getting married this November and I honestly can’t wait to be at her wedding. I think she’s still the same except she has grown taller and much more fairer??

Same goes with Meera! She’s grown taller as well and much more beautiful. She cut her hair and all, and although I pretended to be a little angry on why she cut her hair, I secretly felt she looked good in it.

It was good to see these two people! I hope to see more of them soon!

Life is beautiful. Life is just. Have a blessed day people!



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