We sat in a circle, taking in the small compact room, the presence of everyone, the humidity of the air that was surrounding and pervading us.

Each one of us closed our eyes and made ourselves relaxed. Every muscle in the body is relaxed, relieved off it’s stress. We kept silent, took in the silence and enjoyed it.

The darkness that surrounded us because our eyes were closed made us feel each other in a different dimension. We felt the presence of each other in a different form. A form of Supreme Higher Self. The very form or energy or vibration that makes us think, talk and move freely. It is this same energy that is in all of us.

After a long moment of silence, that’s when someone amongst us spoke. The words were clear, true, untainted and without the blemishes of “but” and “if”. And when that someone stopped, another spoke words of truth and wisdom. This was followed by another. And as each and everyone of us spoke and shared, we stopped feeling individualised. Rather, we felt that we were a unit. We were one. We felt the energy and it turned into a form of synergy.

We sang songs together. Learnt together. Ascended and transcended together. And once everything was said and done, we sat in silence in that small compact room and opened our eyes to let in the bright afternoon sun light to grace and welcome us back into the embracing arms of nature.

What we had just experienced was a form of a Mayan Satsangh (spiritual discussion). The Mayans disappeared from the face of this earth because they practiced this form of spiritual art. They used to sit by the bonfire in the nights, eyes closed, feeling the presence of the Universe in each other and they shared heartful spiritual discussions or conversations.

The difference between normal intellectual spiritual conversation and this Mayan spiritual discussion is that the normal one uses the mind. But the Mayan one uses the heart.

And as they conversed and discussed, they slowly became realised souls and then slowly, one by one, they ascended and became one with the Universe and disappeared from the face of this earth forever.


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